Quarterback your Big Game party with these favourites
January 26, 2024

Quarterback your Big Game Party with a winning line up from Angry Otter Liquor.

Every one of our 29 locations offers an incredible selection of your Big Game favourites including a popular collection of spirits for all levels of team spirit … if beer is your go-to play, choose from classic favourites to local craft brews.

If wine is in your playbook, their sommelier’s have chosen the perfect blends to go with whichever team you’re cheering for.

If you've got San Fran in the Big Game, try their most famous drink: 

Cable Car Cocktail

Created by legendary bartender Tony Abou-Ganim, a.k.a The Modern Mixologist, at the Starlight Room. This spiced rum cocktail is a favourite among many across the Bay Area.

What you'll need:

  • 1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum from your favourite Angry Otter Liquor location
  • 1 oz lemon juicelemon wedge
  • 3/4 ozs of Orange Curaçao
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • Cinnamon & sugar for the rim (1x1 ratio)
  • 1 x lemon wedge

Garnish with an orange spiral.


  • Stir together the cinnamon and sugar in a bowl

Chill your glasses first. Use lemon wedge to moisten the rim of glass, dip the rim in the cinnamon-sugar mix.

Add the spiced rum, orange curaçao, lemon juice and simple syrup to a shaker, add ice and shake until.

Strain into the prepared glass.

Garnish with an orange spiral. Voila you have your team spirit in a glass. 

If you're hoping the Kansas City can win another championship, we've got the perfect cocktail for your party:

The Horsefeather

This is a perfect alternative to the Moscow Mule. It's a spicier whiskey-based beverage that is loved across KC and sure to be enjoyed at your party this year. All you'll need is 4 easy ingredients; whiskey, ginger beer, agosta bitters and a squeeze of lime.

Just grab a Mason Jar, and add:

  • 2 oz Whisky
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • 4 dashes Angostura bitters
  • garnish with a lemon or lime wedge

Of course if mixing drinks isn't your forte, visit your closest Angry Otter Liquor for our exclusive Angry Otter Liquor Lager from Yellow Tail, Koi Killer from Parallel 49, and our new Community White & Red blend from Kalala Wines.

Let us know what you're enjoying during your Big Game party, TAG us on socials @angryotterliquor.

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