Introducing Angry Otter Liquor’s Exclusive Lager
January 22, 2024

Have you had the pleasure of trying Angry Otter's latest exclusive? Brace yourselves for the ultimate beer with the Angry Otter Lager – a crisp, clean, and crushable brew bound to elevate your beer game. This is not just a drink; it's a celebration waiting to happen.

We take pride in introducing a beer that's not just a beverage but an experience. The Angry Otter Lager is a testament to our commitment to this. From spontaneous gatherings to planned celebrations, this refreshing lager is the missing piece to complete your perfect moment –and it’s all in thanks to our friends at Yellow Dog Brewing.

More about Yellow Dog Brewing

Yellow Dog Brewing is a family-run brewery passionate about delivering high-quality, locally crafted beer meant for everyone to savour.

Located in Port Moody, Yellow Dog is a family-run brewery with a state-of-the-art in-house facility buzzing with creativity. Their team, like ours, is dedicated to offering high-quality and innovative brews that stand out in the crowded craft beer landscape.

The singular focus on the quality of their beer has not gone unnoticed. Yellow Dog has garnered numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the craft beer scene. Their core offerings have created a dedicated following, and Angry Otter is proud to bring their latest creation, the Angry Otter Lager, to your glasses.

Ready to embark on the experience with us? Head over to your local Angry Otter and pick up a 4-pack today! And don’t forget to share with us on Facebook or Instagram where you take your lager!

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