Introducing Angry Otter Liquor’s Exclusive Koi Killer IPA
January 8, 2024

At Angry Otter Liquor, there's one query that never fails to intrigue and amuse our guests: “Why is the otter so angry?” Of course, it’s a question that sparks a lot of interest and a good laugh.

“Questions regarding our own ‘angry otter’ aren’t new, and while that story is a bit of a long one, the story behind our ‘Koi Killer IPA and our work to make local otters ‘less angry’ is always a fun one to share,” says Angry Otter’s Director of Liquor, Troy Faye.

Why is the Otter a Killer

It all started with some otter mischief at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens.

Many Lower Mainland residents will remember the uproar caused by a particular stealthy otter. Yep, the one responsible for the 'great koi massacre' in 2018 and a repeat performance in 2019. This furry bandit made national headlines by sneaking into the historic Chinese gardens and treating itself—specifically, the cherished koi population.

Seventeen beautiful koi fish met an unfortunate end during those escapades, and when you do the math (each fish averaging $500), it was a hefty loss for the gardens.

But here’s where the tale takes a heartwarming turn. We were teaming up with Parallel 49 Brewing to craft our own IPA around that time. So, we had a lightbulb moment—why not use this beer to lend a hand to the gardens? Parallel 49 was all in, and thus, 'Koi Killer IPA' was born.

Angry Otter Liquor’s commitment to serving the community is quite apparent in many of our partnerships. Read more about it here.

“So, we took the opportunity to help the gardens recover while coming up with a creative name that would resonate with our Vancouver clientele,” Faye says. “We named our new beer ‘Koi Killer IPA’ and have been donating a portion of the proceeds from every case sold to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens ever since.”

Sip and Give Back to the Classical Chinese Gardens

The Koi Killer embodies artistry and flavour, effortlessly combining an immensely drinkable quality with a pronounced hop-forward profile that's sure to delight. Thanks to the infusion of Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops, showcasing a symphony of fruity nuances, including peach, orange, pineapple, raspberry, and lychee. Complemented by a light, crisp malt character, it maintains a moderately dry quality with a gentle haze, contributing to a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel and enhancing your overall drinking experience.

If you haven't tasted this masterpiece yet, don’t miss out! Swing by any of our Angry Otter Liquor locations and grab a four-pack of this exceptional brew from Parallel 49. Trust us; it's worth it.

Oh, and before you go, join in on the fun! Please share your best theory on why our otter is perpetually angry on Facebook or Instagram, and let's keep the laughter going! Cheers to good stories, great beer, and making a difference, one sip at a time.

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